30-day Transformations

I no longer feel the need to look at anyone but myself in the mirror, I am so proud to be where I am today and it is only the beginning. Thank you for never giving up and pushing me to exceed my limits. I’ve hit personal bests on our workouts all thanks to you and our community of glitter babes!
— Corynne G.
This past year my confidence and insecurities had hit a new low and I am finally feeling like I am growing and gaining it all back. I feel so motivated, confident, empowered, comfortable in my body and ready for the next challenge!
— Jaclyn K.
These last four weeks have been absolutely amazing and inspirational. I can not thank Coach Krystal enough for teaching me the tools I needed to make this a permanent life style change. I have a long way to go, but it no longer seems daunting. I now wake up every day thinking YES GIRL YOU CAN DO THIS! I’m down 14lbs in 4 weeks, and overall a happier person! I feel confident that I can get to my goal weight and sustain a healthy life style all thanks to this program!
— Crystal A.
TBG Live: Stronger with Coach Krystal was such an amazing experience! I lost 8.6 pounds and plenty of inches (most notably 4.5” at my bellybutton, 3.5” at my hips, 2” at my ribs right under my bra line and 1” from each arm!) But even more importantly I regained my motivation to work out, eat healthy and love my body in every stage along the way. I’ve done a few different workout and nutrition programs over the years, but this one was so different in that I stuck with it the whole way through and I’m so proud of that! The mindset component is such a game changer as well and I think a huge reason I was determined to make the most of this experience! The GG community is so amazing! Seeing all of these amazing women post about their workouts and food really inspires you to keep up with them. We have all become an awesome, supportive little family and it is so great!! Can’t wait for the next TBG Live!!
— Kimberly B.
Coach Krystal is such a great motivator. She does the workouts with you while encouraging you to keep moving and push harder. With TBG I’ve lost 6lbs and inches around my waist. Can you say bye bye c-section pouch?! I’m so excited about this lifestyle change and to continue growing with TBG live.
— Ashley S.
This program has changed my life! I tried everything to lose the rest of my pregnancy weight and nothing was working.  I was beating myself up constantly not liking the person I was seeing in the mirror and struggling with being tired all the time. Even got to the point where I went to the doctors to see if there was reasons I wasn’t seeing results. And then I started this program, Coach Krystal taught me to change my mindset and see myself in a positive light. I take time for myself every morning and get my head in a good place to tackle the day. Not beating myself up every day and making small changes in my lifestyle has gotten me to a point where I feel amazing and I have so much more energy.  I have dropped my multiple coffees throughout the day and am seeing noticeable changes in my body every time I look in the mirror. I dropped 10.2 pounds in these 21 days and didn’t even think that changes like this were possible anymore! Thank you so much Coach Krystal for this jump start into getting back to where I want to be and setting me up to be happier, healthier and a good example to my son. I can’t wait for the next live TBG!
— Jessica V.

What COULD you achieve in just 30 days?