TBG LIVE: Fit for the Holidays

TBG LIVE: Fit for the Holidays


On Monday, November 26th, 2018, I’m launching the last TBG LIVE of 2018 and want YOU to be a part of it! 


TBG LIVE: Fit for the Holidays!!

This 21-day program features: 

  • Weekly Workouts (You can do them from home!)

  • Weekly Meal Plans (With healthy, Holiday-inspired cheat meals) 

  • Weekly Grocery Lists

  • Stretching Videos 

  • Weekly Contests And prizes!!!

  • FB LIVE Q&A’s with Me, your Coach!

But honestly, the best part is our GLITTER GANG!!!!! Our exclusive Facebook community provides insurmountable support, empowerment, education and a friendly little competition to ensure that to reach your goals!


Q: This sounds badass! When does it start and how long?

A: TBG LIVE: Fit for the Holidays starts Monday November 26th, 2018 and runs until Sunday December 16th, 2018. Plan for 21 days of workouts, healthy meals, empowering mindset sessions and weekly Coach Calls with me and your fellow GGs!

Q: I’m intrigued… can you tell me more about the workouts?

A: I provide you with a weekly workout schedule using my personal HIIT videos on my private Facebook channel. Your weekly workout schedule includes links to the workout videos, so your workouts are just a click away! All of my workout videos are around 20 minutes and are focused on compound movements and require minimal equipment. My videos are shot in in real-time, meaning that I do the full workout from start to finish so that you can workout WITH ME from start to finish. I do it this way so I can offer modifications, tips, and encouragement to maximize your workout using my ABC philosophy. Always Be Coaching!! ;)

Q: What do the meal plans consist of?

A: My meal plans are focused on a low-carb diet so I can help you reach your fat-loss goals. If you have dietary restrictions involving things like meat, etc, you can always make substitutions in recipes with a healthy alternative. We also celebrate with 2 cheat meals a week to keep you motivated on our training days.

Q: What if I can't make a call or a workout??

A: Facebook Live calls are saved under Videos, so you can watch it anytime. Daily workouts are done using my workout videos online, so you can do your workout whatever time works best for your schedule.

Q: What equipment is needed?

A: I recommend having a mat, two sets of dumbbells anywhere from 5-20lbs, a jumprope and elastic bands to take those booty workouts to the next level. Equipment isn’t required but can take your workout and results to the next level!

Q: I have ______ or I don't like ______. Will this work for me??

A: In TBG Live, I help guide you into being a healthier and happier you. Healthy and happy is going to be different for everyone, so whatever your dietary preferences, fitness levels, or whatever, I am here to help you discover how health and fitness can work for YOU. Modifications are going to be necessary for a lot of people, and that's fine. It doesn't matter if you follow the meal plan to the T or do workout moves exactly like I can do them. What matters is that you show up as you are and you make progress every day. If you have health conditions or injuries, then please consult with your doctor so you can make the best choices for your body.

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