3 Week Shred with Coach Krystal

3 Week Shred with Coach Krystal


Ever wanted to know HOW EXACTLY I prep for TV shows? Photoshoots or vacays? Well I am giving you EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to my personal workout and eating routines.

I’ll share with you my personal Macro Meal Plan and teach you how to customize yours for your goals!

You will have 5 workouts every week that you can do FROM HOME. We will have days focused on Cardio so I do recommend having a jump rope, access to a treadmill, or simply put on those running shoes and get outdoors!

I will also give you 24 of my clean-eating recipes that are usually under 6 ingredients each to make clean eating super QUICK, AFFORDABLE and EASY.

Every week we will check-in through interactive calls done via FB LIVE. I recommend having a pen an paper ready because we will be covering the How-to’s of Macros extensively. I will also open the floor for Q&A’s to make sure you are fully supported in your goals.

I will coach you via our exclusive Facebook group so that you can easily access all the materials + have a massive community for maximum inspiration and support.

Learn the skills. Earn the body. Walk with confidence. Sign up now.

~ Coach Krystal

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